Is Elrond Network The Future Smart Contract Blockchain Market Leader?

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  • Distributed Ledger Blockchain Technology Represents an $867 Trillion Dollar opportunity per the World Economic Forum.
  • A world class simple and intuitive end user application, Maiar, to finally allow for critical mass adoption, similar to the internet browser breakthrough for the internet.
  • Elrond Network’s Secure Proof of Stake is the most significant breakthrough for energy efficient POS consensus mechanisms. Allowing for fairness of all network participants and avoiding pooling of resources.
  • Elrond Network’s Adaptive State Sharding allows for a 1,000X improvement in performance and is the only infinitely scalable Layer 1, 3rd generation Blockchain. Scaling to 100,000’s TPS as demand increases.
  • A world class team of entrepreneurs, researchers, engineers, led by CEO Beniamin Mincu with endless drive and business savvy to facilitate critical mass adoption.
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(Image of Elrond Team, see full team and advisors here)
Elrond Network Timeline
(Video of Elrond Network Progress)
Energy Comparison


1,000X Improvement in Performance with Adaptive State Sharding & Negligible Transaction Cost

Secured Proof of Stake Consensus, Sustainability, and Fairness for all Network Participants

Elrond’s Virtual Machine

(Source: Picolo Research)

Maiar Money Wallet App

(Photo of Maiar Wallet)


Elrond’s Advancement in Tokens, NFT’s, SFT’s, Brand, Smart Contract Upgradability and Smart Account Ownership

(Custom Tokens Comparison)
(NFT Elrond Network)

Elrond Tokenomics Design, Game Theory, Mechanistic Design

(Elrond PI Model)
(Source: Elrond Economic Paper)
(Source: Elrond Economic Paper)
(Source: Elrond Economic Paper)

EGLD Scarcity Scales with Adoption

(Source: Elrond Economic Paper)
(Source: Elrond Economic Paper)

Elrond Developer Incentives and Support

  • Blockchain Infrastructure (security, speed, low cost, decentralization, scalability, sustainable economic design for all network participants)
  • Smart Contracts (30% gas as royalties, fast small, composable and upgradeable)
  • Smart Account (ownership & functionality)
  • Tokens and Transactions (low transfer fee’s, meta-transactions, true token ownership)
  • Arwen Virtual Machine — best in class.
  • Multiple contract language support
  • With now over 607,000+ users this will further incentivize developers to build on Elrond Network
(Elrond Network Support)
(Source: Elrond Eco-System)

Cross-chain interoperability & Elrond Bridges

(Elrond’s Whitepaper)


Business Execution and Expertise

(Source: Twitter)
(Source: Twitter)
(Source: Twitter)

Industry Risk, Network Valuation, Regulation & Governments

  • Start Up’s (Forbes over 90% fail 2015)
  • Experimental Disruptive Technology
  • Game Theory & Mechanistic Design
  • Economics & Financial Markets
  • Governance & Behavioral Incentives
  • Programmable Money
  • User Experience & Design
  • Networks
  • Financial Sector(Banks/Mortgages/Insurance, derivatives, exchanges, payments)
  • Supply chain/Logistics
  • Art & Entertainment
  • Content delivery
  • Big Tech (Decentralized Social Media & Video)
  • Politics/Government
  • Financial Sector (Currency/Forex)
  • Transportation (Decentralized “Uber”)
  • Digital Gaming, Sports Betting, Casino & Lottery
  • TCP/IP (Base Layer)
  • SMTP (Email)
  • HTTP (websites)
  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  • WWW (Toolkit connecting everything together)
(Academic Paper: Mectcalfe’s Law)

Elrond Specific Risk

Investment, Valuation and Network growth of the Elrond Network

(Source: State of the DAPPS)
(Source: Network Effects Map)
(Source: Elrond Explorer)
(Source: Ethereum Explorer)
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Peer Relative Valuation and Performance

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(Source: Elrond Warriors)
(Source: Coin98 Analytics)

How to participate and Invest in the Elrond Ecosystem and DeFI 2.0

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(Source: DeFi 2.0)




MBA in finance & accounting with a specialty in Investments. Ex-Banking Professor. 17+ Years Financial Markets experience. Independent Financial Analyst.

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Wesley Kress

MBA in finance & accounting with a specialty in Investments. Ex-Banking Professor. 17+ Years Financial Markets experience. Independent Financial Analyst.